Showing women how to build an online business and

take back your time with systems and automation

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This is for the modern woman.

The dreamer. Seeker. Magic maker.

The one who believes in a better world. A slower world.

One where you can do what you love AND nurture your family without sacrifice. Where you are free to follow your curiosity, to be inspired, to use your greatest gifts, and create from the heart.

This is for the seeker who wants to do good, to do more – but they feel stuck. This is your opportunity to say yes. To shed your fears, beliefs, and old ways of living. To dance the night away and laugh out loud till your tummy hurts.

This is the moment to step into your creative power and be all you were destined to be.

Allow me to support you to show up, to expand, and to inspire the community around you.

Hi! I'm Amelie

I help spiritual women build tap into their greatest potential and create the freedom and ease they crave.

I'll show you how to tap into your unique, creative power and provide clarity on streamlining your business so you can work smarter, not harder.

Using breathwork, self-empowerment tools, and specific advice, I guide you to move through whatever holds you back, create an efficient business with better tech and systems, and broadcast your creative dream to the world with ease.


Get clear on what you want, remove the blocks and resistance, and build that lifestyle you desire. Whether you want to move the needle in your life or business, this if for you!


Design your business to be more productive and efficient through automation. Free up your schedule, hustle less, and actually make a passive income without lifting a finger.


From self-development, growth, and spiritual practices to business, marketing, and how-to’s. Where you want to be for thought-provoking questions and honest conversations.


“Amelie's diamond insights, business savvy and her willingness to put things in perspective while getting me out of my comfort zone was just brilliant! After just one session I got clarity on what problem I can solve for my clients in my coaching business, and what my sales page for my signature program should look like to be most effective.

I can't imagine a more powerful session than with Amelie. I would recommend her to anyone looking to accomplish a big dream, who is struggling to find the path to make it achievable. She is just brilliant all-around! I have seriously made some amazing changes in my life just 2 days after our session, and have felt more in touch with myself than I have for a long time. Plus I have signed a new client!”

Women's Leadership Coach

“To tell you that Amelie’s breathwork was amazing is a true understatement! It was a life changing experience!

In the 45-minute one-on-one session we had together I went from feeling like I constantly keeping myself way too small to fully acknowledging and accepting my zone of genius, plus healing years of trauma that I was looking to shed.

It was a humongous game changer because in such a short time I stepped into my life in a more confident way. And I know that could only have happened because Amelie knew exactly where she needed to take me.

She gives you the key to unlock your fullest potential. Her tone and her ability to intuitively know where you need to go in order to feel your most authentic self and be fully aware of what kind of life you want to lead is mind-blowing. If you are stuck in that same story of your life and know it’s not true but haven’t been able to push through it, then I suggest that you have a session with Amelie. I promise that it will change your life.”

Wild Woman Photographer