Hi! I'm Amelie, and I used to be a Workaholic Stuck in the ON Position

Rewind less than a decade and I had everything society told me to have…

– a kickass job that had me traveling all over the world,

– a squad of powerful and famous friends, and

– tons of fun as I went from one dreamy destination to the next.

But the truth was I was overworked, depressed, and deeply unhappy.

If it hadn’t been for that tiny moment that went on to change my life forever I would probably still be sitting in a hotel, unsure of which city I was in, drowning my sorrows with bad drinks.

Waking up in hospital, post emergency surgery, has a sneaky way of changing not only your outlook on life but also your expectations.

I had sidelined my emotional needs, mental health, and my true desires to live up to what society had told me to pursue.

When really I wanted none of it.

To the outside world, my life was a dream and something to be envious of.

What they didn’t see is the lonely nights in hotel rooms, constant living out of a suitcase (while liberating it can also be frustrating), crappy airport food and endless 12+ hour days.

As my recovery from the many surgeries began, I had to learn who I was and what I wanted in life all over again.

No more galavanting around the world, stuffing the feelings way down, and no more constantly saying yes without thinking about it in order to feel accepted.

The journey to the real me, the person I was before the world started telling me who I should be began.

I ended up at a retreat where I got to experience breathwork for the first time.

Instantly my life changed.

For the first time I could feel my soul with such clarity. I felt free and couldn’t care what others thought or wanted of me for even a second.

It was magical, tearful, exhilarating and so many more emotions that are hard to put into words.

As this path of healing began for me I practiced breathwork with various healers all around the world. With each time a new pieces fell back into place.

I knew I had to share this tool with the world to support them in their healing as well.

The world we live in as it is today thrives off you being stuck in this cycle of brainwashing where you believe that…

– You’re ungrateful if you want more,
– Your worth is based on your performance and how you show up for others,
– Asking for help is a sign of weakness, and
– Doing something for your self is selfish.

It’s time to change that!

Now is when you have to get clear on what YOU want. How YOU want to live and experience every day. This is your chance to turn the world as you experience it upside down and inside out.

I created my community, programs, and offers to support women in forgetting what the world wants them to be, and to remember who you truly are. In this space, you have permission to do and act as you wish.

You landed here for a reason!

There is something calling you to make a change. It may be a whisper, it may be louder. You may not know what or how to make it happen but you know it’s time and with the right support it can be miraculous!



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