Being constantly told what you should be doing every day means what you want to be doing slides down further and further on your list of priorities. It can drop so far down that you even struggle to hear yourself.

Hear what your heart desires and what makes you feel fulfilled.

But before I on to speak about how I can help you find more ease and flow in your life and business you have to understand how I got here and it’s one hell of a trip.

It all began what feels like a thousand years ago but really it was almost two decades ago when I started my first business. I started this business accidentally, completely offline, doing it all myself with no clue what I was doing. After realising I couldn’t do it all I quickly scaled to be digital. Back then there was no Shopify or WooCommerce it all had to be custom coded.

This work as full of learning as it was didn’t fulfill me so I moved to my other love – events. 

It started small and grew quickly. Soon I found myself working with A-List Hollywood celebrities and touring the world hosting experiences in paradise locations. I spent years chasing my clients around the world, keeping them on time and in check. I jumped from project to project and had no time to event spend five minutes thinking about myself.  I was at the height of my career, making all of my materialistic dreams come true…when BOOM! My world changed in an instant.

I found myself in hospital, post emergency surgery wondering if I would ever walk again.

There is this moment that occurs when you suddenly come face to face with the reality that you created shattering. Everything you knew as easy and just part of daily life changes. When you go from independent and free to bed-bound and heavily reliant on others that changes your perspective on the world.

The depression that follow almost ripped my apart. I question myself, life, and my family.

Going from identifying through your career to suddenly having no identity on top of a heavy physical trauma breaks you in ways no one can imagine.

Three surgeries, five months of no walking, and over a year of physiotherapy later I was finally become me again. Over those months I explored who I was and what I wanted from life which brought me to a retreat in the USA almost five years ago.

It was at that retreat that I discovered Breathwork and my life changed forever. It was the first time I could feel my soul in such clarity that I knew this would become a part of my life.


A year after breathing with various teachers around the world I committed to teaching this method of self-healing as well because there is nothing better. Breathwork has single-handedly changed my life and I know it can do that for you too.

It gives you the freedom to be you and clarity to make decisions easy because it becomes black and white. Remember, it doesn’t have to be hard.

You don’t have to pull out your hair while cursing and contemplating how many people may hurt if you were to hurl your laptop out of the window.  Or be so angry you want to scream but out of fear the neighbors may call the police because you are being attacked, resist that urge. You don’t have to give up on your dream because it’s “too hard”, “too complex” or “too far away”.

I believe in freedom and ease. I believe in flow.

And I will show you how you can create that and more through my collection of free content, online training programs and everything else I offer because I'm here to support YOU. To guide you in making your dreams a reality while becoming even more of the person you most want to be.

You will notice right away that I am a big sister who loves to cut the bullshit and get down to what’s really going on.

I’m mildly obsessed with stationery and DIY shops (just can’t help myself – the endless possibilities and options make my creative energy flow) and love to feel the inspiration from beautiful destinations around the world.

Join me in creating more ease and flow in your life as well.


PS: I’m no psychic, I don’t have all the answers and I definitely make mistakes. But I am devoted to bringing you the best of the best. It may not be perfect, but it will be honest and from the heart.

PPS: Wondering about my name? It’s French and yes there is a film of the same name. Have you seen it? It’s one of my favorites! Not sure how to pronounce my name? Here’s how: AH-meh-LEE.


Amelie Mettenheimer is the founder of Just Ask Amelie where she works as a breathwork facilitator, exploring how the past trauma is holding you from our greatest potential and teaches fellow entrepreneurs that technology doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Her passion is to help people create more joy and ease whether in themselves or business without feeling lost and overwhelmed. 

A former event producer, celebrity handler and averagely-lost-girl, she’s proof that you can make your dreams come true without being exhausted the entire time, constantly working to the beat of someone else's drum, or spending your life in a cubicle.

Amelie currently travels the world with her work. She loves Grey’s Anatomy, spending time near water and seeing what beauty mother nature has to offer around the world.