take a moment for yourself

Nothing that stays hidden ever heals.

In a world that is constantly telling you that you are not enough, hearing your own desires becomes near to impossible.

From social media to the ads, everything echos how you are not thin enough, smart enough, working hard enough, rich enough, and so much more. You lose track of what you want as you suddenly find yourself in the middle of following someone else's vision for your future.

How do you stop all of these outside distractions from diluting your wants and dreams? Easy! Through Breathwork.

Breathwork is about returning to your true self. It grounds the nervous system, moves energy, and brings you back to you.


It can change emotional default settings, lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety, and addiction.

It connects you to your intuition, helps you access your creativity, and opens your heart to increased gratitude and self-love.

It is a self-healing practice that has changed thousands of lives around the world and is an effective way to emotionally detox. 

It's a life changer and saver!

all the


For the mind, it can

⟶ remove stuck energy
⟶ dissolve limiting beliefs
⟶ calms your nervous system
⟶ strengthen your intuition
⟶ heal stored trauma


⟶ open it for love
⟶ provide deep relaxation
⟶ inspire creativity
⟶ balance your chakras (energy centers)
⟶ establish natural sleep patterns


⟶ relieve stress and anxiety
⟶ ease any stored grief
⟶ boost your immunity
⟶ support you in addiction recovery
⟶ upgrade your emotional connectedness to universal energy

We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.




Take the responsibility for your own healing and clear the trauma, stuck energy and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living your dream life.


Participate in the unique energy of healing in a group. Lean into the power of doing this work with others on a similar journey. Events are hosted virtually and in-person around the world.


Purchase the kit or a workshop to do the work at a time that suits you from the comfort of your own home.



The body and mind are a complex system but can be manipulated.

You have most likely heard of the fight or flight response. That is what happens when our sympathetic nervous system is activated by stress. It's a survival mechanism designed to prepare you to fight by increasing your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and dilating your pupils.

The calming response in return is managed by your parasympathetic nervous system. Also known as rest and digest, it's job is to lower the heart rate and blood pressure as well as promote digestion and the uptake of nutrients.

Within the parasympathetic nervous system is the vagus nerve, it connects your brain stem to the entire body. This nerve is the rules or mind and body.

By actively working with the breath and the movements of your diaphragm you can override the stress and anxiety in your system and the vagus nerve will carry that relax signal to the entire body.

Through Breathwork and the breathing pattern of inhaling twice and exhaling once, you activate the phrenic nerve. That nerve communicates directly with the diaphragm. When activated it brings in more oxygen into the lungs and causes a balancing of the ratio of carbon dioxide and oxygen in your bloodstream and lungs. It's nature's way of letting your nervous system know that it is safe and can calm down.

Long story short, Breathwork can be used to control the stress and anxiety response in your body.


it works


Before we begin we will set an intention for your session. I will teach you the breathing pattern that will transport the emotions out of your body.

Each session will be different and there is only one guarantee – you will feel lighter and brighter at the end.

While you are breathing, I will guide you and support you as you transform. You may experience some tingling in your body as your body releases the energy that you were holding on to. 

At the end of the session, we come back to the intention you had set at the beginning to evaluate how you are feeling. 


All of us carry around pain, fear, and outdates beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. These live tucked away in your cells, and in various corners of our bodies.

Breathwork is a simple tool that supports you in finally shedding those heavy weights and strengthening your inner knowing and connection to your self.

OMG!!!!!! IT WAS SO GOOD! I seriously released so much negativity when I did this. I've been having bad dreams and they all came out of my body. Then I felt so much joy and realised that is my power. I don't need to take things so seriously. I need to trust my intuition because I have all the answers. You are so gifted, Amelie. Truly, truly, truly!!! Thank you!

Amelie is a gifted intuitive who can see beneath your surface layers. She creates a safe space (with loving boundaries) in which to access the most vulnerable parts of yourself and release the things that are holding you back. I trust Amelie implicitly and look forward to the continued healing and release I know I will receive through her and her breathwork.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but was beyond surprised by the power of breathwork. I was able to release something that I've been working through for a while now. I gained so much emotional clarity on how it is all connected, to how I feel today and the decisions I make. It was a beautiful and powerful release and I felt so much lighter for weeks after. I felt a new inspiration for my business, relationships, and life.

Amelie’s connection to her intuition and her ability to read the energy around me during the session was comforting. Her energy is so nurturing and compassionate and that's exactly what you need when you are releasing emotions and baggage. I felt like she led me to all the places I needed to go. I would recommend this to any creative, sensitive person who’s stuck in their head and unable to access their emotion.



I encountered Breathwork and its magical powers back in 2016 while at a retreat. This gorgeous woman was leading the experience and said we would meet our souls similar to how you would in a ayahuasca ceremony.

Nobody really knew what to expect, a few eyes rolled, and we began to breathe. 

As we rose from the experience there was a certain electricity in the room. A softness yet something so free. Some of the women looked like they had just had the best orgasm of their life, others were wiping tears off their cheeks, some were still dazed. 

It's hard to describe what happens during Breathwork, it's scientifically simple what happens yet emotionally complex somehow.

All I knew was this would be part of my life in a big way.

Fast forward a few years and Breathwork has firmly established itself in my life.

I have completed the training multiple times and have hosted hundreds of workshops in offices, yoga studios, homes, outdoors in nature, and online in virtual rooms.

Each experience is different.

The inability to describe it remains. It's just magic!