COVID-19: Resources To Keep You Sane

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Corona Virus (COVID-19) has captured not only your attention but that of the whole world.

Being locked down or restricted in our daily habits because of the COVID crisis means re-discovering what you can do at home (maybe even without leaving your home).

As an introvert, I am well versed in the art of being home and for many years and will share some of the things that keep me sane and functioning.

There should be something in this list for everyone and also some things for kids specifically.


Moving your body is something you might be doing on the regular normally anyways but now you may need to find new ways to get the blood pumping or you just want to do something different.

I have found Ryan Heffington‘s dance class to be not only incredible to get your sweat on but also ridiculously fun.

Ryan is the owner of a dance studio based in LA called SweatSpot. The studio is currently closed and so he has brought his class to Instagram Live. Tuesday – Thursday, as well as Saturday and Sundays he, dances it out with 6,000+ attendees from around the world. The classes are not crazy choreographed so don't worry about keeping up. Do what works for you and just shake off the tension to his awesome playlists.

Missing the club? Then you have to join #ClubQuarantine!

DJ D-Nice spins his tunes out of his kitchen on Instagram Live for hours on end regularly. The comments have been popping with Michelle Obama, Seal, Drake, John Legend and so many other celebrities from entertainment, politics, silicon valley and more popping in to shake it up.

Whether you have #ClubQuarantine playing in the background as you clear out those shelves and drawers or are turning on that disco ball you wish you had bought and hung up it is a welcome respite from being home with just Spotify to keep you moving. Who doesn't wanna join the biggest and hottest club at the moment with the 100k+ tuning in each time?



Money Heist (Netflix) – not really light and fluffy but not that dark. A film about a bank robbery where the point is to construct the perfect robbery. A story you have yet to see out there. Keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time and totally binge-worthy.

Virgin River (Netflix) – a sweet, feel-good series about a recently widowed big-city nurse who moves to northern California finding an intriguing man and new challenges.

Self Made: Inspired by the LIfe of C.J. Walker (Netflix) – a darling series, about an African American entrepreneur and how she built her empire to become America's first female self-made millionaire. Beautifully made and incredible film making displaying the grit it takes for Entrepreneurs to make it.


Hold Your Breath – a thriller/sci-fi film all about the toxic mist that engulfs Paris. It's the story of a couple trying to save their daughter who is trapped in a medical tank in the mist. Definitely a film that tells a refreshing story. After lockdown, having seen the film when it came out, had me wondering if the mist was coming.

The Sinner (USA + Netflix) – a series about why ordinary people commit brutal crimes. Each season focuses on another person and it's riveting!


If there ever was a time for podcasts I think it is now.

Podcasts are so easy to listen to while your hands are doing something else. Here are my preferred podcasts to listen to:

You're Welcome by Hilary Rushford – Hilary's refreshing take on life is divine. She talks about the most relevant and sometimes forgotten but even more important topics in life. A must listen to each week. Hilary is raw and real and wonderfully natural in her delivery.

Boob Sweat by Katie Sturino – Katie's ball-to the wall honesty is exhilarating. She covers every day topics that are top of mind for women around the world. From divorce to botox and everything in between she calls it as it is.

Expanded by Lacy PhilippsLacy interviews health care providers, healers and spiritual individuals to offer the library of things you should know about as a human. From human design to food regiments all spiritual elements and more are covered.


This is your moment to clean the drawers, file the papers and tidy up the corner you have been avoiding once and for all.

The Konmari Method designed by Marie Kondo has been a game-changer for me. Not because of how radical it can be because one simple question she asks. It makes it easier to part with items that have been hanging around for a little too long.

When the COVID Lockdown first started I thought – finally, a moment to go through all my belonging and tidy up after moving so many times over the last decade. Things have gotten a little scrambled with time.

But then the thought of going through ALL the things feels incredibly overwhelming and like a task that is too big to manage no matter how long we are locked down for.

Since there is plenty of time at the moment I choose to follow the following of her principles.

  1. Stick to the Categories. Clothes, Books, Paper, Miscellaneous items, and Momentos.
  2. Tidy by category, not location. Spending a designated slot of time to just look at all my items of clothing makes it so much easier to dig through all those things.
  3. Does it spark joy? There are so many items that we all have in our lives that just seem to hang around. Marie's question of “Does it spark joy?” makes it so much easier to separate the items that just hang out vs those that actually mean something to you or bring your joy.

Miscellaneous items should be done in the following order: CDs + DVDs, skin care products, makeup, accessories, valuables, electrical equipment and appliances, household equipment, household supplies, kitchen goods + food items, anything else.

Tidyiers choice. Do you want to go all-in on one day or tackle a little bit every day? That choice is yours.

I sometimes tackle smaller things like just this shelf or just t-shirts today and other times I look at a whole category all day long.

In the end, you will not only feel better about your space but also your self. You get to leave the house to take out the trash (a welcome activity all of a sudden).

Maybe being locked down will turn us into better humans after all since we finally have time to do those things we always put off.


*all of these links were referred to me.

Kids need movement now more than ever and let's face it parents need a break. At least so I have been told.

Joe Wicks from the Body Coach TV on YouTube has designed a special kid's 30-minute physical education program for your living room. These classes are designed to get your kids moving while having some fun. He also has classes for other age groups and is definitely work checking out.

Hello Science! Nothing like vicariously living through these who guys who dive deep into the science world on the SciShow.

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Amelie Mettenheimer

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