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Every week looks the same.

Overscheduled, overloaded with to-do's, and an inbox that never seems to reach 0.

Everyone and their mother is trying to show you how to get things done by participating in their program and surrendering at least 5 hours a week to them to see an impact in your business.

But the reality is you want (and need) those hours to actually get that done what you want to do.

Which is why I want to introduce you to




My philosophy is all about working smarter, not harder. Maximising your time without being crippled by your to-do list.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of companies, entrepreneurs, events, and individuals who are all struggling with the same thing – actually getting done what they have been dreaming about.

The days are filled with distractions and demands on your time.

There are so many tools for trying to get the never-ending list of to-do's done and demands but the reality is they are cumbersome to learn or require a drastic change in how we operate and then it becomes tricky.

Which is where my belief in ease comes in.

The truth is nobody will do anything if it's difficult and required a learning curve.

MOMENTUM MASTERY has none of that. It's simple, quick and painless because you just do one thing.

Respond to an email once a week.

It doesn't even take 10 minutes.


Unlike other program and products the list of what you don't get it vastly longer here.

Because accountability is about simplicity.

You don't get a community, distractions, or demands on your time.

There are NO Facebook groups. NO monthly or weekly calls. NO meetups. NO conferences or anything else.

There are no checklists or tasks. No “should do's” that suck up your time.

This is the most effective and light-weight program you'll come across. It fits right into your life without requiring a major time commitment from your week and rather keeps you focused on your goals.


⌲⌲⌲  The Quarter Planning Workshop to kick off the quarter and get crystal clear on what you actually want to achieve in these 90 days.

⌲⌲⌲  A weekly accountability emails on Fridays.

“When I read that it would only take 12 emails to get more productive and nothing else I laughed. How could something so easy make sure a big difference? Well, all I can say is dang girl that is amazing! Spending just those 15 minutes every week reviewing what worked and planning the following week has made a massive difference. No more procrastinating or second-guessing my choices. I'm a productivity machine now.

Anne Sanders – Coach



I believe in working smarter, not harder + aim to bring you the best solutions + strategies you can find in easy to digest + super implementable content. I believe that we fear most what we don't understand so I am here to help you understand technology, systems and how to run an online business for maximum impact. As you build your personal empire I want to offer you complete ease while having the time of your life. So kiss overwhelm goodbye and let's get started!

“This is so much more than just emails. It's not only turned me into a more productive person but also helped me focus on what I actually want to be doing vs getting distracted by the next shiny object. I will keep enrolling because I can't live without Momentum Mastery anymore.

Dani McDougall – Women's Leadership Coach



When you join today, you'll get an email from me every Friday for the next 52 weeks.

The emails always have [MM] in the subject line, so you'll know that it's me and you'll be able to recognize and prioritize it. The email will ask three questions:

              ⌲⌲⌲ What did you manage this week? 

              ⌲⌲⌲ What are you going to do next week?

              ⌲⌲⌲ Anything else you want to share?

You shouldn't spend more than 10-15 minutes on it. This works like nothing else for a number of reasons:

              ⟡ You’ve put down hard cash, so you have skin in the game.

              ⟡ You know I’m watching for your emails, so you’ve got accountability.

            ⟡ You can only improve what you monitor. Measure what you did and change what didn't for a better future. 

              ⟡ Through this series of micro-commitments that are public (because you shared them with me) you are public propelling yourself towards your goals at lightning speed because it becomes tougher to break your word.

            ⟡ You get to do a brain-dump the week and your future plans at the end of the week.

      ⟡ You can access this permanent and immediately accessible record of the most essential metrics and decision you took in your business.

Every regular business has a reporting line.

That means at the end of every week, month and quarter, the manager reports up the line (chain of command) on past performance and plans for the next period. This is necessary for accountability and quality control within any company so you won't find any normal business that doesn't have it.

By taking Momentum Mastery you have the chance to follow the same structure. Report your status and plans to me, watch your business grow, and celebrate your successes. Your answers are NEVER shared with anyone and will be kept inside a secure email account. That's the deal and offer.

There isn't more to explain but there isn't more that you'll get.

I send you one email. You reply. Done. 

Between emails, you focus on your next steps because you know you've got to report back at the end of the week. Results are – you're more productive and sell more.

It's smart, useful, and actionable. 

And if it’s for you, you probably already know by now.

“Wow! Just Wow! Not only have I doubled my income in 12 weeks but I am 1000% more focused when I am at my desk. The accountability has changed my business and my attitude towards myself. It has single-handedly made all the difference in my business. If you're not in Momentum Mastery you're making a huge mistake.

Gina Deluca – Business Coach


Next round starts end of June.

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