Have you heard about Breathwork? It's the “new thing” in the health and wellness world and you have to try it!

There are different types of breathwork that are being practiced. Rebirthing, Holotropic, Clarity, Revitalizing, Wim Hof Method, and many more.

I practice and am certified in the type that is taught by David Elliot, who has facilitated over thousands of sessions all around the world over the last two decades.


Breathwork is an overarching name for the various forms of meditation that can be practiced.

When I am referring to breathwork I am talking about the method that I teach based on David Elliot's teaching.

It allows you to busy the mind with the breathing pattern giving your subconscious emotions and trauma the opportunity to be revealed. This form of breathing can make you feel a little high, you can feel like you are levitating and you leave feeling the most amazing version of yourself.


Breathwork is about accessing and releasing your emotions. By occupying the mind and accessing the emotions underneath you give your nervous system that opportunity to come back to your center.

Every day you get inundated with the things you should be doing or feel like have to be doing.

You forget what you actually want to be doing.

You may have heard trauma referenced a lot when it comes to breathwork. Trauma is something we all experience every day.

When I first heard the word trauma I always thought of the violent form – accidents, murder, rape, physical abuse, and assault.

It never occurred to me that there may be other forms of trauma. But there is such a thing as “small t” trauma and “big T” trauma.

Big T trauma are traumatic experiences where the person feels helpless and can include natural disasters, car accidents, physical abuse, assault and all the other awful things we can think of.

But the little t traumas are the ones that the one that we ignore. The little t's are things like conflicts, infidelity, divorce, legal issues, financial worries, and abrupt relocations.o

Your body identifies trauma as anything your nervous system can't process. This could be as small as a truck passing too close or the dentist drilling.

I go further into trauma in another article but the important part is


Breathwork is magic. It is a sword of clarity that slices through the murky waters of expectations.

It's a path to meeting your own soul and purpose.

It's a way to make decisions quick and easily. Painless even, because the clarity is 110%.

It's the magic pill you have been searching for.

Having said all that it is not a quick fix. It does take work and patience but it can offer you all of that and so much more.


There are three distinct areas where Breathwork can help.

Clear your mind – dissolve limiting beliefs, strengthen your intuition, calm your nervous system and heal stores relational trauma.

Opens your heart – inspires creativity, opens the heart for love, balances your chakras, promotes relaxation and establishes natural sleep patterns.

Heal your body – relieves anxiety and stress, eases stored grief, boosts immunity, supports addiction recovery and upgrades emotional connectedness.


Come try it out! I host virtual and in-person groups as well as private sessions. There are themed sessions recorded for your comfort in the shop.

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Amelie Mettenheimer

Amelie Mettenheimer

Breathwork Healer & Business Operations Strategist

Amelie works with coaches, content creators, and entrepreneurs on building systems and automation in their online business in order to free up their schedules. Using Breathwork she removes the resistance, anxiety, and fear you may experience in order to give you more confidence and freedom.

As a former event producer, celebrity handler, and reluctant healer she’s proof that you can make your dreams come true without spending your life in a cubicle.

Amelie resides in Europe but travels the world with her work. She loves Grey’s Anatomy and spending time near water.